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Just My Opinion

Now we keep hearing rumors that the teen pregnancy will be Jan. I hope not, I really don't want to see this character have a big storyline... I don't want her to have a storyline at all. She is such a minor character.

I just keep hoping she'll go away, but I don't see that happening.

I have to say that I really don't want to see Philip and Chloe get back together. I don't like him very much when he's with her, but I'm starting to think they will get back together. Oh well...

I honestly hope Jack and Jennifer get back together. I really don't want to see her with Brandon.

My opinion of Chloe has improved quite a bit after her little fight with Jan in the airport. I realize I'm probably supposed to feel sympathy for Jan, but I really don't. I just want to see her gone.

My opinion of Days Characters

My favorite characters are Shawn, Belle, Jack - he really cracks me up, Jennifer, Hope and Bo, and Philip.

My least favorites are Brandon, Sami, and Kate - Although I do feel bad for her now that Lucas is in the hospital. Lexie has not really been a favorite of mine lately either.

I'm not sure what I think of Austin, I really don't see this guy as the same guy that Patrick Muldoon played. I see them as two seperate characters. I also don't know about Nicole - I used to hate her, but now I don't, I thought I wouldn't like her with Victor, but I do! ... go figure. I also actually like Greta now - she bored me before, but she doesn't anymore.

Chloe still has not redeemed herself, I don't know if I will ever like her... I stopped liking her last summer when she acted wierd with Philip about him breaking the date. I would like to be sympathetic toward her because she has had a difficult life... but I don't think she is even trying to get over that. She seems to be very self-centered and conceited, and I can't stand what she has turned Philip into. I'm still waiting to start liking her one day, but I'm doubtful. :)

Send me your opinions and I'll include them on this page