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Poll Results


Results of past polls

Poll #1
Who do you think Belle's admirer will be?
(of 21 respondents)
19% Jason
10% J.T.
10% Craig - for helping Chloe with exam
62% A new teen male character

Looks like it will me a new character - Kevin Lambert- uh no it's Henry, at least he's not a nerd!!

Poll # 3
Do you think the electric moment with Belle and Shawn will be a kiss?
(of 16 respondents)
13% Yes, because it's about time!
69% No, Not yet.
19% Maybe, I'll believe it when I see it!
0% Don't know.
No, it wasn't. Hopefully soon!

Poll #5
Do you think Nancy deserves to be treated the way she is by Chloe?
(of 7 respondents)
29% Yes, she's an awful mother to Chloe.
71% No, She's doing the best she can.
Wow, not many people on Chloe's side. I can understand why!

Poll #7
Do you feel that Belle had a right to be mad at Chloe?
(of 25 respondents)
80% Yes, Chloe's not a good friend to her.
20% No, I feel sorry for Chloe.

I have to agree with 80% of you! She never has been a very good friend to Belle.

Poll #9
Do you like the fact that they have made Jason abusive toward Jan?
(of 23 respondents)
70% No, I used to like Jason.
9% Yes, it makes him more interesting.
22% I don't care.
I always thought Jan was meaner, but now it seems Jason is just as mean as her.

Poll #11
Who do you want to see Shawn with?
(of 46 respondents)
100% Belle! She's the only one for him!
0% Mimi. Give the regular girl the hot guy.
0% Jan. Bad girl with good guy - exciting!
0% Susan. She needs an ego boost!

I'm glad! I was afraid someone might actually vote for one of the other girls!

Poll #13
Do you think Jan and Shawn will get together?
(of 39 respondents)
90% NO! They better not!
10% Yes, but I wish they wouldn't!
0% I'm not sure - I'll just have to see
I hope they don't, that is something I really don't want to see!

Poll #15
Why do you think Shawn will cry in Belle's Arms?
(of 38 respondents)
42% J.T. will be hurt or missing.
47% J.T. will die
3% Bo and Hope will both be injured.
8% I have absolutely no idea!!
I think it will involve J.T., and at the time I think Shawn will think he's dead, but I doubt J.T. truly dies... We'll see...

Poll #17
Do you think Philip is going a little overboard about loving Chloe.
(of 16 respondents)
75% Yes. He's 16. He needs to get a grip!
25% No. They are perfect.
0% I don't care.
I have to agree with the majority, lighten up a little Phil!

Poll #19
Do you enjoy seeing Jan and Jason on the show?
(of 19 respondents)
5% Yes
74% No.
21% I don't care.

I have to agree, they just don't do all that much for me...

Poll # 21
Do you want Mimi and Jan to succeed in their plan to ruin Chloe?
(of 124 respondents)
19% Yes, she deserves it!
56% No, that's so cruel
25% I don't care about Chloe

Poll #23
Do you think Belle is taking the date too seriously?
(of 135 respondents)
10% Yes.
72% No, he's acting the same way.
19% It's hard to say right now.

Poll #25
Who do you think looked the best at the last Blast?
(of 370 respondents)
38% Belle
30% Chloe
27% Mimi
1% Jan
2% Susan
2% Nicole

Poll # 27
Do you think Shawn will kiss Belle when he takes her home from the dance?
(of 148 respondents)
16% Yes, and it's about time!
72% Almost, but someone will interrupt them.
11% No, and He won't even try.

...and it was Mimi!

Poll #29
What did you think of Shawn and Belle's kiss.
(of 707 respondents)
88% It was better than I imagined.
9% I was a little disappointed.
3% It was a huge disappointment.

I thought it was perfect :)

Poll #2
Do you think the rape storyline is being handled well?
(of 6 respondents)
0% Yes
100% No
Hmmm, I guess it's unanimous!

Poll #4
Do you think Jan and Mimi's plan to bring Chloe down will actually be put into action?
(of 25 respondents)
48% Yes
44% No, Shawn will figure it out.
8% No, they'll just drop that storyline too.
This one was pretty close! I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Poll #6
Do you think Belle's date will make Shawn jealous enough to admit his feelings?
(of 26 respondents)
85% Yes, because he doesn't want to lose her
8% No, he'll think he doesn't have a chance
8% Maybe after she goes on another date.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see, hopefully Shawn won't disappear for another month!

Poll #8
Who do you think Chloe belongs with?
(of 14 respondents)
21% Philip
21% Brady
57% Don't care as long as she leaves Salem!

I'm sure she won't be leaving anytime soon. She just keeps appearing in more and more storylines!

Poll #10
Do you think Shawn should feel sympathetic toward Chloe?
(of 8 respondents)
88% No! I don't get why he is!
13% Yes, she needs someone right now!
I guess they are trying to make him seem like a really nice guy! Unfortunately the writers have made it difficult for me to feel any sympathy for her.

Poll # 12
Do you like Kevin?
(of 5 respondents)
40% Yes, he's comical.
20% No, why is he on?
40% I don't care.

Hmmmm. Pretty divided... and not many voters, must be the location of this poll!

Poll #14
Do you like Susan?
(of 9 respondents)
22% Yes.
33% No.
44% I don't care.
Seems like most of us don't really care about her at all.

Poll #16
Who do you think Shawn will actually take to the Last Blast Dance?
(of 58 respondents)
72% Belle
16% I think he'll go alone.
7% Jan
5% Mimi
I really hope he takes Belle, but if not he better go stag!

Poll # 18
Why do you think Shawn kisses Chloe?
(of 50 respondents)
86% To thank her (hopefully on the cheek)
2% He wants to steal her away from Phil.
6% A joke, same as with Mimi
6% No telling!

Okay, so it's on the lips, but it is to thank her. I could do without it!

Poll #20
Do you think the Last Blast magical moment will be Shawn kissing Belle?
(of 93 respondents)
71% Yes, and it's about time!
1% No.
28% Almost, something will interrupt them.
I hope the majority of you are right!

Poll #22
Who do you think will be voted King and Queen of the Last Blast?
(of 89 respondents)
90% Shawn and Belle, of course!
7% Philip and Chloe
0% Jan and Jason
3% Mimi and Kevin

Poll # 24
Which teen has the best parents?
(of 82 respondents)
85% Shawn
15% Belle
0% Philip
0% Chloe
I have to agree, Bo and Hope are the best!

Poll #26
Who do you think looked the best at the last Blast?
(of 342 respondents)
88% Shawn
6% Philip
2% Jason
4% Brady
1% Kevin

I was a little surprised by the vote for Kevin ;)

Poll #28
What do you think of Shawn's new haircut.
(of 523 respondents)
61% I like it better this way.
12% I liked it better longer.
27% He looks great either way!
He looks great, but I thought he looked excellent before it was cut.

Poll # 30
Do you think it was totally out of character for Belle to want to have sex with Shawn?
(of 649 respondents)
29% Yes, it's way too soon.
63% Not really, she's known him forever.
8% I'm not sure.
I agree with most of you ;)

Email me with ideas you have for a poll.